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My rating system is pretty simple. They always abide by these rules.


  • Animation (0 - 3 stars)

Its in Movies so I have to be watching something and not staring at a blank screen with zero content. To earn a 3 star, the animation must make me want more of it. A 2 star is for those that quenched my thirst from boredom then onto the next movie~. Even if the animation is bad the minimum I would give is a 1 star. Zero content = Zero Stars

  • Audio (0 - 1 stars)

This is easy to obtain from me, so long as I can hear it and understand it to a certain degree then SOLD!

  • Effort (0 - 1 stars)

Most people get this freebie from me unless you just taped it together, slap a title on it and called it a done deal.

If you got 0 stars from me then you must be in the wrong section because I'm surprised as well.


This is probably the most difficult to explain as the amount of stars changes to accommodate the genre I'm playing.

  • Design (0 - 3 stars) In this category I'm looking at Visual, Sound, and Interface.
  1. Visuals: Character design, level design, pretty much the creativity and detail to the game.
  2. Sounds: BGM, SFX, voice overs if there is any.
  3. Interface: Menus, maps/mini-maps, and HUD.

  • Game play (0 - 3 stars)
  1. Contents: Dialogues, Quests/Objectives, and Items. Secrets are a bonus.
  2. Elements: Skills/Perks, Enemy type,

  • Quality (0 - 3 stars) Just some QOL and Controls
  1. Controls: Easy to learn keyboard/Mouse controls
  2. QOL: Save capability, Skippable story/cutscenes/dialogues and Handiness of Menu.


I'm hardly ever in this section unless there's an audio in a game or movie I like and I want to know what else that author has created.

5 star if I listened to the very end and liked it or I clicked on it from a game or movie.

I wouldn't even vote if its not something I like. Mainly because if its not my cup of tea, doesn't mean it isn't for somebody else.


I find all type of art fascinating. The rating is purely biased and of personal preference.

Recent Game Medals

16,695 Points

Cooling Off 5 Points

And now, we wait. Quite a while, too.

1K Damage 5 Points

Deal over 999 damage with an attack - just smack an enemy hard.

Conductive Status 5 Points

Exploit a status effect that increases elemental damage.

No Mercy 5 Points

Execute a surrendered foe in cold blood. You get EXP either way, so it really is senseless violence.

Art Connoisseur 5 Points

View a fine piece of framed artwork.

Beast Tamer 10 Points

Tame a strong monster as you work your way up the food chain.

Squishy 25 Points

Click on something squishy a few times. There's several ways of getting this one...

Not Pok*mon 10 Points

Equip more than 6 summons, but no more than 18, as that would be simply unfair.

Instant Knowledge 5 Points

Learn a completely new skill through sheer willpower alone - no practice involved.

Where's Satan? 10 Points

Discover the demon hiding in plain sight.

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